Sunday, December 30, 2007


I cannot believe the new year is about to begin. Where did 2007 go? I always have so many plans to get organized, be healthy, workout more...the usual. My main goal for last year was to decorate our house. Well...I didn't decorate the WHOLE house, but I did get the living room pretty much finished. I am counting that! This year I would like to BE MORE ORGANIZED and PROCRASTINATE LESS. I think I need to spend less time thinking about doing stuff and more time DOING it. The problem is always the execution, though, isn't it? After a long day of work sometimes it's just easier to just watch some mindless Gossip Girl :) !
I actually am working a bit today - fortunately yesterday wasn't as busy with treatments as I thought it woud be so it shouldn't take too long. We are planning on taking down the Christmas decorations (boo!) and cleaning out our back closet as a start to our organization.
Mom and Dad are supposed to be calling us this morning/afternoon when they get back from their cruise and we will be having lunch with them. I am looking forward to seeing them before the new year!
Joe and I saw No Country for Old Men last night. Excellent movie. Not your typical Hollywood movie at all, which Joe likes. The guy who played the psychopath was extremely creepy and I am surprised I was able to fall asleep without any weirdo nightmares! I guess I am growing up and finally learning to distinguish fact from fiction.

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tinger said...

Yes, the problem is always in the execution. You need a PLAN ;-) to help you execute... at least you are taking an online scrapping class, so you have to do stuff for that, right? I need dire help to be more organized, but it is just contrary to my nature!