Friday, December 07, 2007

Arlington once again

We are on taking our last trip of the year the weekend! This seems weird to say, yet I am slightly relieved because I feel like I have no time at home in Houston just relaxing. Joe is running the White Rock Marathon and I am running the half marathon on Sunday. Our next trip is not until the middle of January next year, when we go skiing with Peg, Ken, Joey, Linh, Bob and Gyee. I didn't realized how much we travelled until I sat and thought, what did I do all year. Went here or there, when I wasn't working! I guess we should take advantage while we can!
I am glad we get to see mom and dad once last time before the year is up. I would definitely like to visit them more next year.

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tinger said...

U lucky! We'll be on the Cape for Xmas...