Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas recap

Photos from the last couple weeks. The holidays are so much fun...I wish they weren't over so soon!
This is Kelly's (alan's sister)tree. Love those CR ornaments!
Here is the ornament I received at our gift exchange. Isn't he cute?
I love this row of wreaths our neighbors have on their fence. What a clever idea!
A photo of our little tree.
The lights we wrapped around the tree out front.
Kachinski men off to the golf course.
Kachinski girls making gingerbread houses.

The finished product

The artists with their art.
Eating the art!

The Kachinskis
My favorite present from the sweetest hubby in the world. Love ya Joe Joe!

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tinger said...

Love the photos! What are "CK" ornaments (on Alan's sis' tree)? Joe and his bro have the same smile! and Joe's bro has filled out since your wedding! The gingerbread houses was a great idea - they look AWESOME! NICE purse - somehow I don't think you were THAT good...