Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not quite ready to let go of the holidays

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is receiving cards from friends and family. Many times this is the only time I "talk" to them and I love to see how everyone is doing and changing. Being friends with many 'mos means I do not get a great return on investment in my cards (I think Brad and Andy were the only couple to send one) but I still love making and sending them as well.

One of the best ideas I got from A. Edwards, scrapper extraordinaire, is to use a square punch to preserve parts of the cards on a layout. It is a great way to get most of your cards onto a page, save the best part and save space as well. Today I got a little punch happy and made a 2-page spread that I love.

I think this holiday I made more holiday-oriented layots than I have the entire time I have been scrapping! I guess I was in the mood. Too bad I have to wait a 11 more months before I can get back into the spirit of things!

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tinger said...

i do love the holiday card layout idea that i stole from you and have used for years! i guess i shouldn't feel bad since you stole the idea from someone else! or "scrap-lifted" the idea, rather ;-) i need to do my cards from 2007 - i think my last holiday card layout was 4 or 6 pages - lots of cards and don't have amny friends that are 'mos ;-)