Monday, January 14, 2008


So I am working on a few year long scrapbooking challenges this year. With the advent of blogging, etc so much information is to be found on the internet. And most of it is free! This particular challenge is called "Overlooked" and has to do with noticing the little things in life. The 7th of each month, the host {Ashley Wren is her name} posts a subject which participants will SNAP a photo of. The 14th she will post journaling ideas, prompts and suggestions to JOT down regarding the subject. On the 21 we create layouts.
This month's SNAP was coffee mugs. Since I don't drink too much coffee I decided to snap a photo of what I like to drink everyday, Propel. Some jotting: the first time I tasted Propel I hated it. Joe and I had just run a 5K in the heat of Houston September a few years ago and I was expecting some cold refreshing water. What I got was this sickly flavored water which I thought was disgusting. Fast forward to probably about 2 years later. Now we are addicted to the stuff. I can't remember what precipitated us to start drinking it - we probably got some more samples at another race and it grew on us. Now, I love it. Especially since I try not to drink too many soft drinks, Propel is a good way to get liquid with minimal calories that has some flavor to it. Gatorade tastes too sweet for me now. So I guess that goes to show you how tastes can change. You should always try something at least twice before deciding you don't like it.

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