Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yay me!

So I made a scrapping goal of completing 31 layouts in 31 days - techinically one for every day in January. While I did not scrap every single day of the month, I did finish the 31st layout today! The page I completed today was my word for this year (ORGANIZE) as well as my goals on how to organize my life. We'll see how they work out!

My next project is a self-portrait everyday in Feb. There are a multitude of 365+ photos of the day challenges out there but I just don't see myself undertaking such a large task. Since Feb is the shortest day of the month I think I should be able to manange. Actually, last March I took a photo of Joe and me everyday and made it into a layout. It was quite fun to do!

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tinger said...

very good, yarbs! once this fundraiser is over, I will focus more on doing things for myself and boom...