Saturday, January 05, 2008

Year in review

I am almost finished with my 2007 year in review album. I wasn't planning on doing one, but I got this idea from Simple Scrapbooks mag. I just blew up one photo from each month and then printed wallets of other photos from the same month, slapped them on some cute patterned paper, added the date and a couple embellishments and called it good.
They look pretty cool all laid out like this and this gets them that much closer to 31 layouts in January! I just have to get my December photos printed and I will all finished!

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tinger said...

hope you made me a copy!!! i still need to order my photos! good idea to print wallets out - i don't think i will do that this year. too many variables for me to deal with. how many pages make up your year in review? i am thinking of doing it in just 2 pages - that ok?