Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fantastic weekend

Joe and I drove to Austin yesterday to visit with Tinger and BoomBoom. The boys were running the marathon (Boom) and half-marathon (Joe) while Tinger and I were their cheerleaders.
Tinger and I did a little window shopping while the boys picked up their packets. The four of us then drove the race course (Joe's suggestion, of course) before having an early dinner and calling it a night.

This morning started bright and early. We picked T+B up at their hotel around 5:30 am. After a light breatkfast we saw our runners off at the finish line. We were able to see them both at mile 6.

We also saw Boom at mile 21. Poor thing, he looked very tired.

Tinger and I were able to see both our boys finish their races. The best part of being a spectator is not having to run!Tinger made the cutest tees for us to wear during the race. Unfortunately we weren't able to reveal them until the end as the temperature was quite chilly!

The 4 of us had a yummy brunch at Kerby Lane before Joe and I had to leave. We made it back to h-town in less, than 3 hours, and now Joe is riding his bike for 2 hours! {Yes, I know, he is craz-ee!}
I love spending time with my baby sister and her hubby. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will eventually find a job somewhere in TX!

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tinger said...

You were a fantastic photographer! THANKS! and we had a great time and Boom did great as well! We ended up seeing Yaya for a little bit on Sunday night... needless to say, she took the soybean milk maker home to Marmidy - who should just mail it to me!