Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy {belated} Valentine's Day!

These longer days at work are a bit stressful, but I keep reminding myself that it is so worth it to have every Monday off! And TGIF!

Joe and I went to T'afia for dinner last night. They had a fabulous tasting menus. We started with some cheese and bread. I got a salad and Joe ordered fennel soup for our 2nd course. My 3rd course was scallops and his was filet and for dessert he got a chocolate cherry bread pudding and I got a chocolate cake. We also ordered the wine pairing for each course, so needless to say, after dinner I was nice and red.
Prior to dinner Joe humored me with a mini photo shoot. {I think he sometimes gets tired of me taking so many pictures, but whatcha gonna do?}

He is my sweet and silly boy and I love him!

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tinger said...

Very cute photos! Josephine may indulge your love of photo taking, but you also indulge him in many ways, so don't feel bad!