Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend update

My weekend has officially started today - woo hoo! So, to bring you up to date:
Whilst I was at work for 8 hours, my dh was out riding his bike for even longer! (He left before I did and got home after me!). He rode his bike for 60 miles, ran for 8, took a short lunch and nap break, then rode for 60 miles longer! Yes, he is crazed but he is determined to do well for his last Ironman in AZ in a couple months.I must say I am very proud of him for being so disciplined but I am also ready for him to have a little fun too!

Last night Joe organized a dinner at this restaurant called Gravitas for our friends K+M ("the new gays") to officially welcome them back to H-town after being away for months and months. Our favorite boys were in attendance as well as the token girls, me and Darah.I had a yummy beet salad as an appetizer but my beef bourgignon (sp?) was not as tender as I would have hoped.
After dinner we headed to K+M's for some after dinner drinks. And some photo taking and some Guitar Hero!
D was a gentleman and walked me home before heading out to the bars with the rest of our peeps.

I didn't sleep very well last night so Joe went on his long run this morning sans moi. I did go to the grocery store before he got back so at least I was a little productive! We headed to yoga and ended with a good brunch at Empire Cafe.As you can see, I definitely enjoyed my food!

We will be watching the Oscars tonight at K+M's. Can't wait!

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tinger said...

Josephine is definitely crazed! But looks like a good weekend, all 'n all!