Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Morning drama

As we were headed to the car after our run at Memorial Park this morning, Joe is like, "Uh oh." He lost the key he had and we were locked out of the car. And so began our morning quest to "get into the car." Our house is less than 5 miles from the park so we decided to run home to get the extra keys. We ran to the outside of the park, where we caught a bus that took us about a mile closer to home.

After the bus dropped us off, we began our run towards home. Along the way we ran into Jim, Joe's old running buddy, who helped us laugh about our drama. When we arrived home, Joe decided the fence was too high for him to jump without hurting himself so we woke up our upstairs tenants to let us into the gate.

Luckily Joe has an extra house key hidden under the house so we were able to get inside. Once inside we found the emergency key to my car and the extra alarm key to Joe's car. We took my car back to the park, were able to get into Joe's car so I could get my regular keys and go back home to get ready while Joe drove to work.

So our contingency plan worked. We had a few kinks but all in all we made it out ok and I still had time this morning to blog. Lesson learned, however. Always make sure you have your keys!

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tinger said...

Ha! how did Josephine lose the key? good thing you guys live so close. and soon you can leave a copy of all your keys with me! P.S. Boom and Gretty and Kandra would be running San Diego - I am again gonna be the best cheerleader ever!