Sunday, March 16, 2008

The weekend can begin!

Saturdays at work are usually pretty hectic, but yesterday was just long and boring. I mean who wants to be inside when the weather is 80 and beautiful, with a minimum of humidity. Spring/summer is definitely on its way!

I actually got to the park earlier than Joe this morning, but he's running longer (18 miles to my 6). I decided that I don't want to run quite as long for now, because it really tires my legs out and makes my yoga practice more difficult. I would like to start going back to boot camp to vary it up a bit and work on my abs a little more!

Next week is Joe's last long weekend workout before he starts tapering. His Ironman is 4 weekends away.

Today after I stop in at work for a bit, I plan on going to yoga then coming home to chill while Joe does his swim. Then we may go to the Menil, a free museum here in H-town as well as pick up a movie for tonight. I am looking forward to the day!

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tinger said...

Sounds like a good day! You will have to give me a run down on all the classes avail in H-town. Would love to do Seals down there...