Saturday, April 05, 2008


I have a bad habit of starting little projects but never finishing them. But I have finally finished one mini album. I took a self-portrait every day in February and a photo of Joe every day in March (well, I did forget 3/25, but I won't tell if you won't). Any-hoo, I bought a simple little album from Target (on sale of course) and those photos filled the whole album. I didn't embellish the pages - just used digital frames on the photos and called it good. I love that it's nice and fat. Yay me!

In other noteworthy news, I got my hair cut and colored today. I am having a difficult time taking a good-self portrait, so I will post a pic another day.

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tinger said...

The book looks great! I can't wait to see 'em! and when I am in H-town we can have to Scrap Luck Club (like Joy Luck, but no cooking, just scrappin') every week! fun times!