Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, Lost is like officially favorite TV show EVER. (Yes, even more than Friends, as much as it pains me to say that!). I am SO happy the writers strike is over, although now we only have 4 more episodes until the season is over (boo!). Each time I think it can't get any better it does!

So the book club last night was good. It's always a little awkward when you are the new man in town. I barely even now the girl who invited me - she is a fellow yogi who works as a pharmaceutical rep. She and her co-worker took us to dinner one night which is when we started talking about books and when she invited me to the book club. The ladies there were all very nice and I will probably go again, but it was a bit weird for me. Like I was playing grown up or something. Now I realize I am a grown up (much to my chagrin) but since I play with friends who are either gay men or other women with no babies I forget how the other half lives. The book we read was called Lying on the Couch, which I manage to finish today, by skimming the parts I didn't find interesting. The book itself was ok, but not all the girls read it so we ended up just talking about random stuff. So we'll see how it goes - I am trying to branch out and meet new peeps, which is always a good thing.

I do have to work tomorrow - boo - but we are going to Madonnarama at South Beach tomorrow night. All Madonna all night - what more could a girl ask for? (And yes going to Madonnarama is more evidence that no I am not ready to be a grown up.)

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tinger said...

You are silly. Glad book club was ok. It is always hard to be the new girl. And welcome to my life - everyone up here has babies already, too, and I am 5 years younger than you!!!!