Monday, May 26, 2008


After our day of afternoon of shopping in which I was unsuccessful in finding a summer dress but did find a cute Theory shirt (on sale of course!), Tinger and I picked up Boom to have some lunch. We ate sandwiches at a little cafe by their house.

Marc called to see if we wanted to see the new Indiana Jones movie so we were going to meet him at the movie. We missed Marc but caught the movie, which was ok. Not terrible but not wonderful either. I REALLY didn't like the ending where they put the Crystal Skull in its proper spot, but that is not why I am posting about this.The reason I am posting is because Joe and I just watched ET on the telly tonight.I thought it would be a little silly to watch, but I forgot how good it is. So a good movies is a good movie no matter when it was made. Steven Speilberg is an excellent director even if Indy didn't really live up to its expectations. And I still shed a little tear when we thought ET was going to die, even though I know he lives. I think I watched that movie at least 4 times the summer of '82 when it came out and I cried every time. Still love it!

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tinger said...

Yes, Indy was a little disappointing, but oh well. Glad that ET was still very good! I remember watching that as a little kid and crying through the entire thing!