Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So most of the weekend withe the 'rents were spent eating and then resting from all the eating! We tried 2 new restaurants, all OTL (outside-the-loop - gasp!). But they were both delish!
Sat night found us in a little India of sorts. It was the most random restaurant front:They served yummy but spicy curriesAnd we enjoyed the ginnormous dosais.But of course we had to cut the spice with a little sweetness at Amy's.On Sunday after our long run (11 for me, 15 for Joe),we met Tinger at yoga and then went for some Dim Sum at Fung's.Going to Chinese with Mom and Dad are always fun because Mom likes to get in the mix of things.We enjoyed a variety of different foodsAnd I am looking forward to a return trip to enjoy even more!
Mom and Dad left yesterday morning after much drama with her Taiwanese passport. I hope she left her stuff at home and didn't lose it!
Tinger and I spent craft Monday making a camera strap, a window shade and a mini-album for my trip to Beaver Creek. But the only photo I took was at our trip to Lowe's to pick up a few things for the shade!And for dinner I cooked up some of the dumplings Mom froze and made for us - Yummy!I have started this short work week with a 3 mile run, a trip to the grocery store and 4 completed loads of laundry. Feeling pretty productive so far!
And last but not least, Happy Birthday DAD!

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tinger said...

Excellent snaps! I'm gonna use some of them... the dumplings were delish! Mom is a genius!