Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Today marks the halfway point of the year! We always celebrate because it also marks the birth of my favorite boy in the whole wide world:
My goal this year has been to organize my life a bit better. I am definitely still working on it!
Yesterday was our 2nd craft Monday. We created on tag books! Here is Miss Tinger diligently working on hers:Hers turned out really cute - she's giving it to a friend as a belated bday gift.I made one documenting our Austin trip earlier this year. Mine was more simple but I still love how it turned out.So we are going to be alternating between paper crafts and fabrics every other week. Next time we will be making coasters and napkins. Yes, a bit dorky, but even more fun!


tinger said...

Give Josephine a Happy Bday hi-five for me ;-) and crafting is not dorkey, it is the new cool thing!

Kate O'Brien said...

love all of your photos!

hope your 4th of july is fabulous!