Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Recap (photo heavy)

There is nothing like H-town humidity at 5 AM to make a girl miss the nice cool temperatures in Maine! After my run this morning I was practically drenched in sweat!

Our 4th of July was spent on the water, catching fish and buying lobsters. But first we had to have some fun on the swing!Joe actually caught 2 mackeral this trip, the first time we have caught anything in a few years.We boated to a place called Allen's to buy our fresh lobster as well as enjoy a Haddick sandwich. (I think this is the first and only photo where Joe's dad is actually smiling - he was amused that I liked to take pictures of food and the what not, but I think he does not like to be in the photos himself!)(Hee hee, don't catch any crabs!)
We enjoyed the lobster dinner with Joe's aunt Jo and his nana.And we ended our evening with our traditional walk to the Point.We didn't see any fireworks because we were too tired to trek out to Freeport, but we heard them from the porch of the house!
Day 2 to come later!

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tinger said...

Looks like a great day! The lobster is beautiful - so red and tasty! I couldn't motivate to run this morning - not sure what my issue is! Good thing Seals starts soon - will force us out of bed! xoxo