Thursday, July 24, 2008

What doesn't cause you to drown...

will only make you stronger! Today was a lesson in mental toughness. My run workout was a 6 mile run with 4 3 minute intervals in the middle. Yesterday the rain was coming down pretty hard, but this morning was pretty dry. But as soon as I walked onto the loop to start my run at Memorial Park, it started sprinkling and 2 secs later, pouring down rain. I took cover under some trees and said I would wait 5 minutes before I left. After about 3 minutes the rain let up a bit so I started my run. 1 minute later it started pouring again. I took cover under another tree and waited a couple more minutes. By this time I was already soaked, so I decided, what the hell, I am here, I am already wet, might as well get this workout over with. The rain pretty much stopped after about 3 miles, but, needless to stay, I stayed pretty wet the whole time.

I will say you do feel really hardcore when you are running in the rain. I was not the only person out there, but many people left. And I will also say that I am glad the run is over and done!

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tinger said...

U r hardcore! I was up and starting to get ready for seals, but then the rain started coming down. So I went back to bed and snuggled!