Saturday, August 30, 2008

...and we're off!

It is 6:09 AM as I am typing this. I have run 4 miles, finished packing, done a load of laundry and updated my Facebook. My cameras are packed or I would post a photo! Fortunately the hubs and I have been able to stuff all of our crap into carry-ons, so the only thing we are checking is Joey's hair products (so no big deal if they don't get there!).

Today is going to be a long travel day. We are headed to Newark this morning with a 5 hour layover. Our flight to Barcelona will be overnight. We have another long layover in Barcelona before heading to Ibiza. I think we will be in Ibiza around 3-4 pm Sunday afternoon. I am glad we are on vacation but already ready to get there!


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