Sunday, August 17, 2008

Been a good day so far

We have had a busy day and I am tired but content. We started off the day by waking up early (4:30 am - eep!) to start our 14 mile run. I always get very tired after 10 miles so this was a tough one. My Nano did last through the run, although the new arm band I got was soaked through.

We were back home by 8am. After a quick shower, smoothie for breakfast and a short rest we were off the yoga for class at 9:30. Yoga is hard after a long run, but it really does help stretch me out. I could tell I was still pretty dehydrated because I barely sweat at all during the practice.

We braved the masses at Central Market after yoga. I wanted to check out Lululemon for tax free weekend, but it wasn't open at 11:15 am!So we dropped off the groceries at home then went to Luke's. I wanted to buy another pair of running shoes but they didn't have my size in stock. So I settled for a couple pair of running shorts and bras.

For lunch we got take out from El Rey, a random Cuban-Mexican fast food place. And we watched MP go 8 for 8. THAT was amazing! I am a bit sad that swimming is over!

Now after watching some more Olympics Joe is in the middle of a well deserved nap and I am debating whether I want to nap or scrap...

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