Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back home...almost

After a whirlwind vacation to Ibiza, Sitges and Barcelona, Spain, I am finally back home. Well, at least back in Texas! I spent one night in our bed before heading out to the Big D for work. I will be spending most of Sept up here as we are opening a new center near the 'rents (which is why I volunteered to work up here in the first place!) and the doc for Plano quit.

The hotel is fairly decent and I have quite a bit of space in my room, which is nice. I even ran 4 miles this morning, which proved that I am a klutz because I tripped and fell...again! Fortunately I just scraped up my left knee a little and bruised my pride a bit as well but otherwise no worse for the wear.

I forgot to bring the USB cable for my camera up with me so my posts will be a bit boring with no new photos...but I will post one from our tripJust me and some of my boys at Pacha in Ibiza. I can't believe we were there just a week ago...I am ready for another vacation ;)

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