Saturday, September 13, 2008

swirling in my mind

5 days in a hotel by yourself can drive you crazy. So instead I spend even more time on the internet than I usually do. Things I have discovered in my surfing:
-Old Navy has some new designers or something. Their Sept collection is totally cute and I have found some things I would like to have.
-I still really want those Tory Burch booties.
-Fashion blogs are fun and make me wish I were 18 again so I could wear crazy/experimental clothes. I still feel like I am trying to discover my style so I am lazy and wear what is comfortable. But I don't want to be comfortable; I want to be fabulous!
-Hurricane Ike is still going through Houston but the hubs and house are still standing.
-Facebook still hasn't lost its novelty.
-I am hungry from being up over 2 hours already (hotel sleep just isn't as good as home sleep).
-I am ready for the weekend. Hopefully we will not be too busy today, with the imminent rain and all.
I guess that's all for now. I am off to get some breakfast and finish packing up!


Anonymous said...

hi, ee, this is mom....

tinger said...

Yarbs - I need to chk out old nav - I haven't looked at their clothes in ages! And get the booties - you've wanted them forever!!