Friday, October 10, 2008


I have been training for the NYC marathon for the better part of 4 months now. It seems like forever! This weekend is my last long long run (22 miles - aack!) before I start tapering. I am so ready for the running to be over! Joe has been great and coaching me the whole time. He gives me a running plan for each week and I have been following it faithfully (except the week we were in Spain - my intentions were good but I never did put on those running shoes!). I definitely feel I have a good base but sometimes I just want to sleep instead of get up and run!

After NYC I have 2 half marathons - White Rock in Dallas and Houston. I think one goal will to be to run one of them (probably Houston) in less than 2 hours. I am typically a slow and steady runner, but Joe has been pushing me this season and I think I can do it. But I should probably finish NYC first (one goal at a time!).

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tinger said...

We should run white rock together - and under 2hours. You are gonna rock the big apple! miss you!