Monday, November 10, 2008

Good weekend

I am happy we were in town this weekend and I didn't have to work all weekend either! We still managed to be pretty busy but I was also happy that we got to spend time with peeps we haven't seen in forever!

I spent the better part of Saturday shopping with Tinger. She wanted to find a dress to wear to her friend's wedding next weekend. We didn't have much success to buying a new dress, but she did get a super cute jacket at Lot 8 {note to self: take photos of purchases once bought!}. We decided to check out the sale at Nordrom's and hit the Galleria for lunch. We didn't buy anything but we did see Dr. Rey live, hawking some skin care products!(Oops, we actually did buy some Clinique products to get a free Trina Turk makeup bag!)That evening we met up at Marc's co-worker's downtown loft for some drinks before seeing Kathy Griffin. She was hilarious!

On Sunday Joe and Greg ran a 25K race, part of the warm up series for the Houston marathon. They both ran fast (Joe finished in 1:50 and Greg in 2:05) and I enjoyed watching instead of participating! I went to yoga as well before having lunch with Joe, Greg and Marc. The rest of the day was spent relaxing with the nice sunny weather.

I am a bit sore this morning but am planning to go to yoga again. Now that marathon training is over I want to get my yoga groove back on!

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Tingaling said...

Sounds like a good, full weekend! Let's do something not this weekend but the next! xoxo