Monday, November 03, 2008

Marathon weekend more ways than one! We were in NYC for Halloween as well as the marathon so got to experience different sides of the city. For our Halloween costumes were dressed as the nativity scene: I was Mary, Joe was Joseph, Bill was Baby Jesus, Juan was a shephard, Marvin was a sheep and Mark and Jason were 2 wisemenBill was probably the funniest baby Jesus ever!We walked in the Village parade for a little while, but it was just madness. Other things we did on Friday: marathon expo...where we saw Peter Reid, a 3-time Hawaii Ironman winner (I think we were the only peeps at the Expo who knew who he was!)shopped in SohoOn Saturday we took it easy and hung out in the East VillageAnd Sunday was the marathon!
I finished in 4:36, which I was pleased with, especially since I was cramping up pretty badly the last 8 miles.
Now it's back to the real!

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