Monday, December 22, 2008

Only 3 more days!

Until Christmas! Yikes, where has December gone? Even with keeping a daily journal, which has allowed me to appreciate the season each day, time seems to have flown by!

After yoga yesterday Joe and I headed over to Tingaling and Boom's where we awaited the arrival of Marm and Dad! They arrived safely and only made one wrong turn.

We are lunch at Ruggles Green, a new off-shoot of Ruggles. Apparently this is the first completely green (or something like that) restaurant in H-town!We enjoyed some good soup, nut burgers and dessert (courtesy of the restaurant which forgot Mom's order)We then went to the theater district to hear Handel's Messiah at Jones Hall.Some fun with self portraitsAfter the show, Joe and Dad (and Ruby) were still hungry so we made them some eggs sandwichesJoe and I came home and wrapped presents! Just need a few last minute things and I think I am done!

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