Sunday, January 11, 2009

Productive weekend

Most of Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing our closets. Not the most exciting thing to do in the world, but necessary nonetheless. We did take a break in the evening to celebrate our friend Matt's 40th birthday (photos later...not in the mood to upload them just yet).

Today we woke up early and ran 10 miles in the 40 degree weather...brrr!! After our run we met Vanessa, a running buddy of Joe's, for coffee. She had a baby 8 months ago and we haven't seen her in forever, but her baby is supercute and she seems to be doing well!

After coffee we came home, drank a protein-powder enriched orange/grapefruit smoothie, picked up Mark B. and went to yoga. I was afraid that I would be too tired after the run to have a good practice, but actually got a better stretch in than I thought. Unfortunately I could not attend Craft Sunday afternoon with Tinger because of we wanted to finish aforementioned closets.

We got some closet stuff at the Container Store (which Joe is currently installing. He may be having a bit of difficulty because I am still hearing some expletives every now and then!). For my closet I need to get some sweater and shirt shelves, but it wasn't on sale there so I may check out Tar-jay before buying them at CS. We also strolled into Barnes&Noble but didn't make any purchases.

For our late lunch we ventured OTL to Udipi, a vegetarian Indian restaurant we went to with the fam this past summer. The dosais were yummy!

So nothing too exciting to report...I guess I should post some photos to make this a bit more interesting...

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Tingaling said...

I missed Craft Sunday afternoon! But we cleaned and now the house is ready (almost) for visitors!