Thursday, February 05, 2009


I missed a day of blogging yesterday! Oh well, it was a busy day. Work is still just crazy - ugh. Why is it that all the crazies come in when it's just me?

I did see A Midsummer's Night Dream with my sis last night. I really liked it although it was bit long and I still really didn't understand the point of the Mechanics. I thought the 3rd act was a little superfluous, but what do I know? Next week we are going to see Chorus, but I don't think we'll be able to sit in the box seats like we did last night!

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tinger said...

I am glad you came and saw MSND - it is a Britten opera, and he is one of the greatest British operatic composers of the 20th century. But he is a bit more avant gard and modern. Chorus is so FABULOUS! Your seats likely won't be in the Orchestra, as we are selling tickets like hotcakes, after all this press (which is GREAT!). You and Josephine will love it!