Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great weekend!

I'm so glad I had Valentine's weekend off. We had such a fabulous time!

Saturday I did go into work for 1 hour. After work, I went to yoga practice. Yoga has been going well the last few weeks, now that I haven't been running as much and I have even started the 1st move in the 2nd series!

I came home for a quick lunch and then went to get a much needed haircut. I love David, my hairdresser, but he just opened his own salon, which is past the Galleria and the traffic was a nightmare. Note to self: next time try to get the earliest possible appointment.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing a little shopping (at DSW - but nothing good to be found), surfing the internet and experimenting with some self-portraits.Joe made reservations for dinner at Da Marco, one of Houston's best restaurants. It was delicious, although I was a bit disappointed with my main course. For starters I had the scallops and Joe had the octopus salad. Yummy! My second course was a sweet corn ravioli with lobster, which had a cream sauce that was to die for! Joe's second course was a ravioli with rabbit, which was a bit weird but still good. Joe's main dish was lamb chops, which I actually liked and mine was Mediterranean sea bass, which was ok, but didn't blow me away. We finished with dessert of chocolate merangue and chocolate mousse. Of course by the time we were done you could have rolled me out of the restaurant!

This morning was our usual Sunday routine: am run followed by yoga. I ran my 7 miles pretty hard after eating all that food, so I was pretty tired for yoga.

And we got to have craft Sunday afternoon over at Tinger's! I only stayed until about 3:30 pm as I was actually quite tired, but I love spending qt with my sis!

At 5:30 we met the boys at 1308 Cantina for dinner and a few drinks before going to see Joel McHale from The Soup do stand up at Verizon. He was hilarious! I laughed so hard I was nearly crying during some bits!

But the best part of all...we met and took a photo with him! Joe is a huge huge fan of The Soup and saw that at previous shows Joel met with fans prior to the show. He found out that today Joel would be meeting fans after the show so our plan was to wait in line for a picture. Well it turns out that Joel wanted people to buy shirts that he would sign and all the security guards were being Nazis about having only people with shirts in line to meet Joel. By the time we got the the shirt stand he was sold out so we were milling around trying to take a quick photo. The security people were really trying to push us out so we yelled to Joel that we loved his show and that we wanted to meet him but didn't have any merchandise.

Joel told security to let us wait in line so Greg, Joe and I got in. The line was pretty long and Greg was afraid that Joel would have to leave before we got to meet him. So we decided to not waste our time. On our way out we yelled goodbye to Joel again and he was like, "What, you're not waiting in line?" and Greg quickly answered, "Security is kicking us out because we don't have a shirt!" Joel apologized for running out of shirts and then CALLED US BACK to take a photo, stopped the line and let us shoot the photo!That made our whole night. I even got a hug and a kiss on the cheek! But I am really happy because I know Joe would have been so disappointed if we hadn't been able to meet him. So it was a great way to end the weekend!

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Ting said...

Fun times! He looks paler than the does on TV. I hope you got a nap in before all your Sunday night festivities! Concert was good, but also tiring.