Saturday, February 28, 2009

I feel old...

In high school, when I would go out on the weekends, I would always ask Mom and Dad why they always stayed at home. Their reply was always that they were tired. Fast-forward almost 20 years (aack!) and look at us now...home and almost in bed by 10 pm. And liking it! I don't know why working is so much more draining than school, but it is.

Today was a low key yet fun day. Joe and I practiced yoga at Yemike's class at the Met instead of mysore. I loved the change of pace and the class was definitely challenging. I will go back the next Saturday I have the chance!

We met Marc, Matt, Greg and Chris for brunch at Baby Barnaby's. While waiting for the boys, Tinger drove by on her way to the Texas Junk Co. I wonder if she found anything other than junk?

After brunch, Joe and I ran a few random errands and got dessert at TCBY. We ended our night with Dosais from Udipi. Now Joe is in bed and I am about to go myself. I need to run in the morning, but it is going to be under 40 degrees...brrr!

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tinger said...

I hear ya - life is tiring once you get past being a student!