Monday, April 20, 2009


While the hubs was running his heart out at the Boston marathon, I was waiting for my car window to get fixed. I drove Danny and Marc to the Highland village for a little shopping. We rolled the windows down because the weather was so beautiful, but unfortunately the back seat passenger window wouldn't roll back up! It turned out to be a broken regulator and was fixed this morning but set me back $300. Good thing I didn't buy anything yesterday!

One thing I am starting to realize about myself is that I am a creature of routine. I imagine the way I want my day to go and go from there. When something comes along to interrupt my routine (i.e. car in shop for all of the morning) then it's hard for me to do what I missed (well, I did do the groceries because we literally have no food in the house, but I missed morning yoga, and couldn't motivate myself to go this evening). At least I got a little scrappin' done and cleaned the house for Mom K's arrival this evening.

The weather around here has been almost perfect (almost because it's starting to warm up again today). We spent yesterday at Kirt and Mike's pool instead of the museum because it was just too beautiful to be inside!

Miss Lola (Brad and Andy's cutie. I need to start a photo collection of other people's pets!)Mike, Andy + BradCute JasonCute Mike

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Tingaling said...

Fun times! You were lucky you were outside yesterday! Such a nice day. So now your MIL is in town - she is nice, too, so will be good to see her, I am sure. Glad I got to see you at yogidy!