Saturday, April 04, 2009

What happened?

Last night I took Marc and Jason to an EL event my sis was helping to host.It was quite fun with lots of good food, wine and company.I also had the opportunity to meet lots of Tinger's friends in H-town, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately too many glasses of wine led to much goofiness.And then led us to Meteor where we had a shot of something blue, which can never be good.I did enjoy hanging with my boysBut before midnight I was ready to call it quits. Marc drove me home to sleep it off.

It is now almost 3 in the afternoon and my head is still a bit achy but I am no worse for the wear. Next time I need to eat something before I start drinking!

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Tingaling said...

Fun times! Where are the photos of us eating dessert?! Thanks for coming!!!