Thursday, April 23, 2009

When am I going to Paris???

I have seen the Great Wall. I have seen prayer flags on the outskirts of Tibet. I have seen elephants, zebra, hippos and lionesses on the plains of Africa. I have zip-lined in the rain forest of Costa Rica. I have enjoyed the hot springs of Japan. I have seen the Danube and Nile Rivers. I have been to the tower of London and seen Ann Frank's house in Amsterdam. I have traveled to Taiwan and Thailand. I have biked on the islands of Greece. I have seen the Collesium in Rome and eaten more gelato than I can remember.

But I have never seen this:{In my mind I know I am making a bigger deal of this and it's probably more hype than anything, but I really want to sit at a cafe in Paris and enjoy the view!}

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tinger said...

I am amazed that you have not been to Paris - I've been twice! Maybe the hubs will take you sometime soon - after you guys get back from Italy!