Monday, May 25, 2009

more weekend please!

I am a bit sleepy today although I didn't do much of anything. Maybe that's why! This Memorial Day has definitely been the most mellow in a long time, which is fine by me! On Saturday morning I went to the gym for 50 minutes of cardio followed by yoga. We had a sub yoga instructor and while it was definitely not my favorite class and I considered leaving I'm glad I didn't because 1) I felt bad since more than half the class left before it was over and 2) I was still a little sore from missing yoga over 1 week and then going full force in mysore so it helped stretch me out without pushing me too hard.

We met Marc, Greg and Johnny (visiting from Chicago) at Baby Barnaby's for bfast with a dessert pancake before heading downtown to watch Termintor Salvation. While the movie was no where near T2, it was entertaining and introduced me to this hottie:His name is Sam Worthington and he played Marcus. He was the reason the movie was even tolerable for me ;)!

Later Sat night we met for bday drinks and wine at Boheme, a cute little wine bar down the road from us. I got some fabu earrings from the boys and Darah.I also wore my new TB gladiator sandals (bday present for myself!)We ended the night with drinks and photos at Kirt and Mike'sI was a little tired Sunday morning but able to drag into yogi. Still a little sore so my practice was a bit draggin' but, as always, I was glad I went. Went over to Tingaling's where Boom cooked breakfast - eggs and delicious gingerbread pancakes! (photos in other camera...still to come)

Later on Sunday afternoon, we got an invite to K+M's pool so of course we accepted! Pool time wore me out and I was in bed by 10!Today I made it to yoga and had an excellent practice. I actually practiced 4 days in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon!) and am quite proud of myself. We met Greg, Johnny and Chris at 1308 for lunch (ceviche - yum!). The boys went to another pool party but I stayed home, at a cupcake and caught up on Lost (OMG - next season is going to be amazing!). Our pizza just arrived so I am off for dinner. Back laters!


CĂ©lio said...

Muito interessante seu blog, principalmente as fotos.

Tingaling said...

fun times! sorry we didn't make it out to Boheme - next time! and we still need to celebrate your bday! maybe we can go to dinner next week to celebrate both of our bdays!