Saturday, May 30, 2009

My life doesn't suck as much as yours

Seinfeld was quite entertaining last night. My favorite joke was probably when he was discussing life and how everyone's generally sucks, even his. But he then qualified it with, "well, my life probably doesn't suck quite as much as yours, but it still sucks!" Yes, I can think of a few million reasons why his life doesn't suck as much as mine! Our seats were not that close so this was the best shot I got.In other random news, our upstairs tenants had some guests over last night and one of them drove the cutest car ever: a pink bug!I had to snap a quick photo on my way out to work this morning.

That's all for now. Some rest and Indian food up next!

1 comment:

Tingaling said...

Wow - a pink bug! That really is a cute car!!!

and just think, our lives don't nearly suck as much as most peoples! we have lots to be thankful for!!!