Monday, June 29, 2009


and I don't have to work! I am working up the energy to go to the grocery store before my shopping date with Greg this afternoon. So alas, I think yoga will have to suffer a bit, but I am not thinking downdogs are going to feel to good today.

After a long day of work I got dressed up to meet Princess, T-Bone, M, C, JB and Coupon to celebrate Coupon's bday.I have had this dress for almost 10 years, haven't worn it in at least 6 or 7 but still love it. So what is old is new again! (Especially when paired with new fabulous shoes!)Dinner was at Soma, a new sushi place on Washington.Coupon and Princess looked relaxed and tan from their recent trip to Cabo.

After dinner (and 2 bottles of wine for 3 girls and countless bottles of Sake for the boys and M) we hung out by the bar and checked out a new club called Nox.I love that T-bone can be such a goofball. The club had a cool space but, I think at 38 I am over it. We are over it. Except for Coupon! So he and JB stayed while the rest of us went to Club Rue to eat some of his tasty birthday cake!

After cake Princess and I met our boys at EJ's house to catch the rest of Pride weekend. For some reason I wasn't in the photo taking mood so I didn't get any snaps of EJ's fabulous time!

Yesterday I did manage to wake up, see patients for 1 hour, grab some coffee and practice yoga. I also visited Ruby and picked up my scrap crap at Tingaling's place (I think I need to come up with a fancy nickname for their house...any ideas?). Then I met Richie and Marc at 1308 Cantina for some brunch. I had a yummy breakfast taco and only 1 of these:Michael Douglas not the actor, CLJ, and Jason met us there as well. And our pal Greg hooked us up poolside with his friends Scott and Rusty. They have an amazing house in Montrose with a great salt-water pool!This was the only photo I took all day, but pretty much represents what we were doing all day...chillin' by the pool. I REALLY would like a house with a pool - these hot summer days can be unbearable!
Well, I guess I should go be productive now...laters!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a lot of fun....we hung around the spa and pool a lot here too,it's hot hot.....

tingaling said...

fun times! are you in yarlington now?

p.s. i'll get boom to think of a good nickname for our house ;-)