Thursday, July 23, 2009

Call me sassy

I got my haircut! And not a trim, a much shorter and sassier do! Sometimes I forget how much I love short hair until I get inspired by something, usually a photo in a magazine. And snip snip snip. I love that David can pretty much do anything to my hair and make it look great!

In other news, yesterday Yannis pushed me to drop back into backbend from standing without any help! Granted, the first time I didn't listen to what he said to do and hit my head on my mat, but I did it at least 2 more times! I am so excited about it. Now I am not sure if it's related, but the sassy short hair cut may have been my motivation ;)

1 comment:

Tingaling said...

Looks good! I really like it that short!

And congrats on your solo dropback - quite an achievement!

P.S. Sure, we can go thrifting this weekend. Will have to be Saturday morning... I'll call so we can plan