Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some rest for the weary

Working two Saturdays in a row is absolutely no fun. At least I can take some consolation in having tomorrow off, as well as the next three weekends (in fact that's like 3 3-day weekends in a row!)!

Last night the girls went out to dinner at Ibiza to celebrate T-bone's belated birthday. And while the food is delish, the atmosphere can sometimes be a little more than desired (especially the is so LOUD inside the restaurant). But we did have a good time.Their birthday special is cotton candy...I don't think I've ever had this much!After dinner we hung out at their lounge and attempted some self-portraits:They didn't turn out so well so we had someone take this for us:Since we weren't quite ready to go home, Peg and I met the boys at Numbers for a Michael Jackson tributeAll the festivities left me a wee tired this morning, but I did make it to yoga, which helped me feel better.

This afternoon we spent making fun Thank You cards with my crafty sister. Unfortunately my batteries were being recharged so I didn't take any photos. Next on the list...maybe a nap before bedtime?

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Tingaling said...

Looks like you had fun Saturdday night! And Sunday was fun - just love spending time with the gals (you, me and Ruru!).

I think Mumsie will be home tonight, after 6pm...