Saturday, July 04, 2009

Too hot for fireworks

We had a fantastic day on the lake with camera is downstairs so I will post photos later. Only one casualty: my cell phone! Do not ask me why I even had it with me on the boat, but it got dropped into the lake. I have already obtained a new one that has a typepad for easier texting and web capabilities. So Twitter may be in my near future.

We were planning on watching fireworks with Billy and his family but decided it was too hot to be outside. So Joe had finally passed out from heat exhaustion and I am quietly watching multiple firework displays from the back window. They are quite far away but it's actually quite cool that they can be seen above the lake!

I think I am calling it an early night as well so Happy Birthday America!

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Anonymous said...

sounded like that it's really hot, happy that you all have good time on the lake...