Thursday, August 06, 2009

Birthday boy

So much of this weekend was spent celebrating Marc's birthday. He is one of my favorite boys ever and such a fabulous friend. Over the last couple weeks he has taken the plunge to open his own office and has been a bit stressed about it, but I am sure business will pick up with time.

So what did we do? On Sat after my haircut the boys were alreayd at Kurt and Mike's so I headed over there for some bbq.I also met Cooper, the 3rd cutest dog I know (behind Ruby and LuLu of course!) Unlike the other 2, Cooper is all eyes for the camera - didn't have trouble photographing him at all!

That night we all met at Absinthe for drinks. On Sunday morning my gams were incredibly sore from my heels and I was cramping something awful, but I did eventually come back to life and make it to yoga. We spent the afternoon poolside at Club Rue.Yesterday was Marc's actual birthday so we met at La Griglia for some wine (I am having issues with uploading photos to FB...hopefully they will be worked out by this evening!)
This weekend we are heading up north for Joe's 20th high school reunion! Should be interesting!

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Fun times!