Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seriously uninspired

Although I was only gone for 24 hours, I feel like this week has been just a major catch up with everything week. I had some little things repaired on my car, did the usual grocery shopping, target shopping and laundry, read the usual blogs...and have been uninspired really to take photos or be crafty (i.e. scrappy!). I still have been doing the photo-a-day, they just haven't been the most creative compositions. Oh well, I think the creativity can ebb and flow. I am hoping this weekend off with jump start some scrappiness!

In other, fashion related news, Project Runway starts tonight! We are doing viewing parties at various friends' places. The first week will be at Jason and Mark's. Looking forward to it! {I'm hoping this will jump start some creativity!}

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tinger said...

I can't wait! I won't be home tonight, so I'll watch it tomorrow... Boom had the DVR all set up to record it.