Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Our trip to Maine was superfun and relaxing. It felt like we spent more time outdoors this long weekend than I have all summer here in Houston! We arrived mid-afternoon on Thursday so just spent the afternoon hanging out. On Friday we ran early in the morning, went fishing (didn't catch anything though), did a little shopping in Freeport, picked up Joe's tri packet and hiked at this mountain, whose name escapes me at the moment. The top of the mountain gave us a gorgeous view of all the trees. The leaves are just barely starting to change color so we didn't get a complete fall view, but it was spectactular nonetheless.

On Saturday Joe competed in the Lobsterman triathlon, an olympic distance race. Out of about 800 competitors he finished 19th overall and won his age group! All the hard work and training is paying off...hopefully we will be making a trip to Kona next year (fingers crossed!).

The highlight of our trip had to be our sailboat ride on Sunday. Mom K has a friend who owns a big boat (ummm, not sure of the distance, but it actually has a lots of room downstairs and underneath with a stove and everything - she has sailed for up to 6 weeks in it, so bigger than any boat I've ever been on). Sailing is much more involved that I realized and takes a lot of strength and coordination, so luckily Joe has both! Mom's friend Dianne has been all over the world, including the Arctic and Antarctica and told many interesting stories. She is 72 years young, but didn't look or act it!

I have yet to edit my 400+ photos from the weekend of doing nothing so I hope to post some more, but for now here I am in my cute sailing outfit!


Tingaling said...

Sounds like it was a fabu trip! Glad you are back - can we do bfast on Sunday? xoxo

Anonymous said...

looks like you have a great vacation...... congraduation to Joe...