Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No rest for the weary

After spending the weekend up north, we drove back yesterday, rested and I am now out west in San Antonio. I will be working here indefinitely until they find a new doc. Luckily the other doc in H-town and I are alternating weeks here but it's still a pain.

Saturday night was really fantastic. We spent the night catching up with tons of peeps from high school. I must say, I feel our class is closer now that we have graduated than we were when we were in school...if that makes any sense.

I will admit the one person I was most looking forward to seeing was my dear pal, GD (pictured on left).oct 2009 026He was such a sweetheart to me my senior year and helped me work through many issues (mostly involving the boy pictured right!) without even knowing it! Although he may look a little goofy, his glasses a bit thicker than I remember and his voice definitely deeper than I remember, I really really loved seeing him and his sweet wife. Sometimes I feel like I have an unnatural attachment to old friends, but then again, who cares. They are what make life worth it, right?

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