Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmases past

We used to travel quite a bit over the holidays, especially with my side of the family. Notable Christmas vacations include skiing in Angel Fire, sunning the Maui, deep sea fishing in Cabo and ziplining in Costa Rica, which was our last trip in 2006. The past two Christmases have been spent here in H-town, mainly for lack of vacation time. I like decorating the tree and being festive, but since we don't have any kiddos sometimes it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

This Christmas is technically a Kachinski turn (Joe and I alternate spending Christmases with each of our families) but with the arrival of Baby J I wanted to spend it with mine as well. So Joe's parents are coming into town but not until the Sunday after (they will be in Phoenix with his grandparents on Christmas day). I think this is a good compromise!

I really want to be a in Christmas mood, but sometimes it's hard because I have been working so much! We have Lights in the Heights tonight so I am hoping this will cheer me up!2009 12 12 photoHere we are at our Lights in the Heights party at C's house. We are pictured with M and J, Joe's ironman buddy and my fun buddy! I love them so much and am so glad they offered to host a NYE party at their house!

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