Monday, December 21, 2009

Today I

...mourned the loss of the battery to my point-and-shoot camera from yesterdays festivities (good thing Santa know this camera was on its last legs anyways and, being the good girl I am, I should be getting a new one this Friday!) a haircut!2009 12 21 photo
...went to Target to check out the new Rodarte was pretty much picked over but I did get a cute dress. All the cardis were out though - boo!
...gave baby J a big kiss.
...took lots of photos of aforementioned baby.
...ate lunch with my sis.
...went shopping with the hubs for his Christmas presents (unfortunately he won't be surprised this year {like he ever is!} - he wanted sunglasses and they can't be bought without being tried on! we did get some great deals at Saks Off Fifth!)
...ate part of a dosai with the hubs at Udipi.
...uploaded and edited many photos.
...did some laundry. debating on whether or not to go to yoga...I think I may just rest :)
...received some boots I orderd on Saturday in the mail, but may be returning them for a different pair as they are a bit tight around the calf area and seem to be cutting off the circulation to my feet. The curse of the giant calves lives on!