Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

...because it might just come true! We just got an email from work saying the docs won't need new scrubs because we will be wearing business/business casual attire to work from now on! Eeps! I was hoping to get 2 days free and 2-3 days in scrubs which would be a good balance. I am not even sure I have 4-5 days worth of business attire in my wardrobe, although I am sure I can remix something up :)

Our desktop is still not working - boo! Fortunately the laptop is functioning. I have an early morning apt with my chiropractor (back is starting to give me issues again so I thought I'd try to fix it sooner rather than later!) so I guess I better go shower. Reminder to self - don't schedule 7AM apts anymore!

I leave you with my outfit from Monday. Spring is definitely in the air but I won't mind a few more weeks of cold weather so I can wear my boots a bit more!

I finally got a pair of black ballet flats! They are Geox, from DSW for $50 and super comfortable. I have a feeling I will be wearing these babies a lot, especially with my business casual attire!


Fashion Therapist said...

I agree to be careful what you wish for - it may come through in another way, shape or form. May be good or bad.

Elaine said...

Oh, that's too bad about your work attire now! At least you'll be creating new outfits that way! :)

Aren't they sooo comfy??? Love mine!

issa said...

fantastic outfit!! and where in Texas are you??

glad to see more texas bloggers!