Friday, May 07, 2010

3 for 1

I've been feeling pink and black these days.05.06.10This outfit for work yesterday was super comfy and I got lots of compliments on my shoes! I mean, how can pink shoes not make you smile :)!
05.06.10After work, Joe and I celebrated a dear friend's birthday over cocktails and ceviche! Yum! This look is my homage to the popularity of clogs. Unfortunately the Chanel studded ones are way out of my price range, but these Via Spiga ones work for me! I got them last fall in NYC, so I guess I am a trendsetter!

05.07.10Today I wanted to be even more comfy because the schedule looks like it could be pretty busy. I also try to keep Wednesdays and Fridays flats days because I practice yoga after work and wearing heels all day can tighten up my hamstrings too much.

05.07.10And this last photo is just an extra for your viewing enjoyment. I just realized I have worn something from the Gap every day this week except Wednesday. I guess I am a gap kind of girl!


Sal said...

That black dress is just stellar.

Lisa said...

Where did you get that black dress? It's really pretty and you look awesome in it.

I am also all over your first outfit. Those shoes are gorgeous!

amy kelinda said...

I love you in the black dress! And you are a pink fiend, my friend! Haha!