Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dressing my best: my athletic frame

Growing up I always has two left feet and my hand-to-eye coordination was never very accurate. So I never played any team sports. And when running track I was always the one who won awards for best effort, while my baby sister was always VIP. So I have never really thought of myself as an athlete.

Fastforward more years than I can to admit: now the hubs and I are the "athletic couple" of our group of friends. I still have two left feet and my hand-to-eye coordiation is still not very accurate. But I have found something that really suits me: yoga! Ashtanga yoga, to be more specific. I have been practicing for over 5 years from now and can really tell a difference in my flexibility and strength.

05.12.10I feel like I stand taller and clothes even fit better. I don't think of myself as skinny, but I do think of myself as athletic and am proud of the body I have worked so hard at.

2010 05 12 photodress: Bennetton, remix'd
cardi: Express, remix'd
shoes: Joan&David, remix'd
necklace: James Avery, remix'd
tights: Hue, remix'd
belt: H&M, remix'd

Can you believe I have had this dress for over 10 years! I wore it to the first wedding Joe and I attended together, when he asked if he was my boyfriend :). I still adore it and hope to keep it forever!

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Sal said...

Love this. I think many athletic women feel shy about their figures and am glad you're celebrating yours!