Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outfit of yesteday

Still a day behind on outfit posts...05.18.10top: Patrick Robinson for Target, remix'd
pants: Express, remix'd
shoes: Ann Taylor, remix'd
necklaces: "borrow'd" from sis&remix'd

I got a new camera lens! It's a Nikkor 35mm f/2D. Similar to the 50mm lens I have but with a wider angle to get better snaps. I enjoy using fixed distance lenses on my camera because they get much sharper photos, but zoom lenses are easier for general photos. But my goal for the rest of this month into June (where I am the official photog for my buddy's 40th bday party) I want to practice with this new baby!

Speaking of babies, apparently the little peanut was not sleeping well for his mama the last night.
2010 05 18 photoBut that's why babies are so cute: you can't stay mad at them for long!


Anonymous said...

you look great...the baby looks great, we(grandmomther and I) are in the library, waiting to Skype to ting and little peanut, grandmom never see JJ before and she is very exciting to see him in person, she came to library one hour early in order to talk to JJ....

Lady Cardigan said...

I really like this outfit - you look great. I've been thinking of trying out Express pants because they always look good on you.

Lesa said...

So cute, I got a few Liberty of London things at Target too. I love that store! If you ave a moment come check out my blog. I will add myself to your watchers.

Always Summer

Tingaling said...

Peanut looks cute, his mama (aka moi) not so much! Oh well, Peanut doesn't seem to mind...